Raising and Showing Rabbits

My daughter Ashley and her Dutch, Dash
My daughter Ashley and her Dutch, Dash

Welcome to my pages for raising and showing rabbits. Whether you are new or experienced, you can always learn something you never new before.



For the sake of convenience, I have reposted these pages from the Pets and New Rabbit Owners page in case you didn't go there or wish to access them from this page.


1. Purchasing a Rabbit

2. Rabbit Breeds

       Dwarf breeds

       Small breeds

       Medium breeds

       Large breeds

       Giant breeds

       Breeds not yet Recognized

       Endangered Breeds

       British Breeds

       Becoming a Breed

3. Color Guide

4. Care

5. Health

6. Behavior

7. Speaking Rabbit- Rabbit terms & definitions

8. Rabbit Agility

9. Other Rabbit Activities

10. Bunny By-Products

11. Interesting facts




These are additonal pages for those who are interested in going beyond the pet rabbit or are already raising and showing rabbits.


1. Owning a Rabbitry

2. Breeding & Raising Kits

3. Tattooing

4. Shows & Showing