Bunny Stories to Change Your Life


This is Gidget. Gidget was a black tort Holland Lop doe that I got for free when my daughter went to purchase one from a rabbitry down state from us. She was 9 months old and very cute. We got the rabbits home and Brandy fell in love with hers. Mine on the other hand, was a brat. Did I mention she was free? Well besides the fact that she wasn't show quality, which at the time didn't matter because we weren't showing then, she had a temper. Wonder why they were giving her away? Hmmmm.....


Anyway, whenever I put my hand into the cage to touch her she growled, yes I said growled, at me and would lunge at my hand. She would turn her back to me when I spoke to her, which in bunny language means I am ignoring you on purpose. I could get her out, but she didn't want anything to do with me.


Well, I had enough of that ridiculousness. I had always been told that Hollands were sweet and cuddley. Hah! This little doe had broken the mold. It was time to tell someone I was in charge. So everyday I spent time with Gidget. I would get her out, despite her protests and handle her. I would discipline her bunny style. (No I did not hit her. Hitting a rabbit as punishment does not work.) and I kept it up every day.


Before long, she began to stop growling and lunging and actually started to come to the door to be petted. The more time I spent with her, the more she wanted attention. In fact it got to the point that she got mad at me for NOT spending time with her. Gidget soon became the best rabbit this rabbitry has ever had.  If she was loose, she'd come when I called. I could let her run in our yard without restraints and get her when I needed or she always came to find me.


Sadly Gidget died a year or so ago from illness. She got older and her immune system wasn't able to keep her well. That day will go down as one of my hardest days. I loved that silly rabbit and it tore me up to have to put her down.


So what changed? How did this rotten brat of a rabbit come around to the best rabbit I've had (I now have a great Holland buck who is alot like Gidget, but isn't related because I never bred her.)


We spent time together and she found out she could trust me. In fact, she found out that she actually liked, and I like to think, love me.


Did you know that many people feel that way about God too? He loved us enough to put us on this earth. Just like I wanted Gidget and wanted to show her love and give her attention, God does the same with us. People think that God is the enemy and want nothing to do with him. They use his name in vain, they curse at him, or just choose to ignore him. If only people would give him the chance, get to know him, they would find they have a great friend and protector, someone who can give them awesome, wonderful things that they would never have expected.  The anger and hate was all on Gidget's side, not mine. So it is with us. The anger and hate we feel toward God is all on our side and God is loving and patient and will wait for us, work with us like I did with Gidget. After time spent with her and some discipline, she found that she could trust and love me. When we spend time with God and get to know him, yes there may even be some discipline involved too, we find we begin to love him and want to do what he wants us to.


Where are you? Do you "growl" at God? Do you turn your back and ignore him? Do you believe that God is the enemy? That he's not going to help you or that maybe he hurt you in some way? Or do you know who he is and know the love that he has for you? I hope you're the later. If not, before you judge God, get to know him first. Don't be a before Gidget, be an after Gidget. You will never regret it.


This is Noah. Noah was a Mini Rex rabbit that belonged to my son Collin. Noah has since passed away, but this little guy who had so much personality will remain in our hearts forever.


We got Noah when he was 10 weeks old along with 2 Holland Lops, another Mini Rex and a chocolate Dutch rabbit, all as babies. Needless to say we didn't know much about rabbits when we got them and needless to say that tragedy befell us that summer.


My husband had made these very nice rabbit hutches that my children and I painted to match our personalities. The tops of the hutches opened as the door to the cages.


It was Memorial Day when my son, who at the time was 9 going on 10, came running into the house in tears. He told me that Noah was hurt and had brought him into the house to show him to me. He was a mess. blood was on his face and he sounded horrible. Apparently, when Collin went to close the hutch top, the rabbit had popped his head over the top and the heavy top had come down right on his nose.


Because it was Memorial Day all the vets were closed and we had plans that couldn't have been cancelled and I had no idea about what we were going to do. So I did the only thing I could at the time. I cleaned Noah up and went to put him back in the cage. I did not think he was going to make it, but we all gathered around the rabbit, holding him in my arms and layed our hands on him and prayed over him. Then I put him back and said an extra prayer, not knowing how it would go. We went to the parade in town. When we got back, Noah seemed to be doing better and we prayed over him again. Just in case he felt like eating I wet down his pellets to mush because I knew he wouldn't be able to eat hard pellets. I prayed over him again.


The next morning I went out to see how he was doing and feed the other rabbits. Noah was doing better and he had eaten his food. (He always loved his food!) I called the vet that morning and they said to bring him in, just in case an infection set in. They put him on an antibiotic, and yes he did fine on it. Did I mention that Noah was Collin's 4-H fair bunny? Well his front teeth were messed up and I thought, there goes Collin's fair rabbit, but we kept praying that he would get better.


A few weeks later cold yucky weather came through and the other Mini Rex we had that belonged to my oldest daughter got snuffles. We didn't know anything about it at the time and unfortunately all the other rabbits except for Noah, caught it too. We had to put all of them down. The antibiotics the doctor put Noah on saved his life. So not only did we not have a rabbit for Collin for fair, the other kids didn't have one now either.


God is good and we found some new, healthy rabbits to replace the others just in time for fair. One of them, the new Jr. Dutch my daughter Ashley bought, got Reserve Grand Champion. And the best news was that Noah's teeth straightend out. Perfectly. I believe Collin got either a grand or reserve for showmanship that year for his age group. If you think that God doesn't answer prayers for our children and their pets, think again.


So to this day, Noah was our miracle bunny. He was such a character. We will always have at least one Mini Rex because of him in our rabbitry. He is greatly missed.

My story

Once upon a time, I was not a Christian. I said I was. I thought I was. I went to church.


Unfortunately, I also used drugs and alcohol. The words I used would make a sailor blush. I have seen pornography, had sex out of marriage and have had an abortion. I have lied and stolen. Yet despite all of the things that I have done, someone loved me more than I could ever have loved myself. I am sharing with you some of my deepest regrets and problems in my past so that you can have a new beginning like I did.


God accepted me for who I was. A sinner. Bound for hell. Nothing was going to change that. God laid out the ultimate sacrifice for me in giving up his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to die for me and take MY punishment. I may have done alot of bad things in the past, but when I asked Jesus to be my Savior, he forgave me of all those things and helped me to live a better life. I don't do any of the above things anymore because of Him.


The Bible says that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23) and the punishment for that sin is death (Romans 6:23) but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ (also Romans 6:23).


You too can have that same forgiveness and eternal life. All you have to do is ask. If you want you can watch the videos below to see who God is, how much loves you and cares about you, and that you can get forgiveness too. After the video section,  there is another section below that shows you how you can get his awesome forgiveness and salvation.



Who is God, How great is He?

Who Am I That God Cares?

Ask God to Open the Eyes of your Heart and See Him

God is Calling YOUR Name, He Wants to Give You Something Beautiful

God Can Make You Free

God Can Forgive Your Sins

He Can Make You a New Creation

So What Are You Waiting For?

So what do you ask? How do you talk to the God of the universe?


Just talk to him. We call that prayer.


The Bible says in Acts 16:31 - Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.


Know that you are a sinner.

Know that you need forgiveness.

Believe that he is the Son of God.

Believe that he is God.

Believe that he can take away your sin.

Believe that he died on the cross for you.

Believe that he rose again in three days.

Believe that he gave it all for you.


If you want you can pray to him, call out to him and ask him to forgive your sins - very important- and that you believe that he came to earth to die for your sin and that he rose again. Give him your life and he will give it back - in abundance. It won't be easy all the time. We have an enemy that wants us to lose. But with God all things are possible.


Here is a simple prayer for you to pray if you don't know what to say.


Dear God,


I know I am a sinner and that the punishment for that sin is death. I believe that Jesus died for my sins and rose again so I can be forgiven. I want Jesus to be Lord of my life and I willingly give my life to him now. Thank you God and thank you Jesus for your sacrifice.


In Jesus name, Amen


Now go get a Bible, learn about him and tell others about him too. Don't forget to get involved in a Bible believing church so other Christians can help you in your walk. God wants you to be surrounded by other Christians that will help you learn about him. If you prayed this prayer and asked Jesus to be your Savior, drop me an e-mail. I would love to know and help you in your walk if you want it.